How ema helps?

The editor for manual work activities ‘ema ‘ is a holistic planning method based on an unique digital human model, which carries out self-initiative work instructions.

Even complex motions and processes could be plannend and simulated by technological actions task functions in ema. From picking up and placement of simple objects to datailed assembly actions with tools including complex body motions like boarding into a vehicle could be covered.

The algorithm of the motion generating system could create every numeric value of the dedicated parameter to gnerate human-motoric valid motions.

ema offers:

  • planning reliability
  • integration of change management
  • qualified time measurement
  • Ergonomic evaluation
  • integration to every PLM structure
  • time and budget saving due to significant planning process improvement

ema is based on scienced studies and reasearching projects arround the anthropometry of wokers and their skills. The results were used to define standard specificated workers and action specific motions. With that ema could ensure an holistic standard planning of manual activities in manufacturing processes. 


Users from industries, science and education

User Statements

Case Study: working in lying position

Case Study: body

Case Study: pre assembly

Case Study: assembly