9. Fachkonferenz: Qualität 4.0. im Automobil

2-tägige Fachkonferenz mit Fokus auf Neue Herausforderung für das Qualitätsmanagement durch Industrie 4.0. Unter den Referenten ist u.a. Dr. Jens Trepte, Geschäftsführer der imk automotive GmbH mit dem Vortrag "Kollaborative Mensch – Maschine – Arbeitssysteme – ein Gewinn für die Prozessqualität"

Wouldn't it be fascinated if manual work activities of humans could be scienced based simulated  when the manufacture process planning has already started? What, if you could thereby optimize work places in advance and what if  complex production flows could be designed more efficient and much earlier than today?


on the webpages of ema, the editor for manual work activities. The holistic planning method based on a digital human model, which carries out self-initiative work instructions.


For this purpose, the abilities of a skilled worker are integrated into a knowledge-based 3D software solution, so that human work can be planned, simulated and evaluated in a human-motoric valid way and with highest efficiency.